How secure online payment works
An article explaining how online booking works
Online booking: common complaints
Woman charged twice for same Hotel room!

Links to Theatre Booking Packages:

aTicket Box Office Express

ClubTix Online Event Ticketing

Open Source Theatre Booking Software

London Theatre Tickets

Link to a Mindmap summarizing the Case Study

National Theatre Website
Take a good look at this site and look at the features and compare with the specfications for the desired booking system for PTC.
  1. How close is this website to the solution that PTC requires?
  2. What additional features are required that need to be added for PTC?
  3. What features are not required?

Drupal and NTW

Read the information on the Drupal site about the NTW project.
What are the features of Drupal that are essential for this project?

National Theatre Wales Community

Questions to consider:

  1. Describe the main features of this site.
  2. Who are the users?
  3. What can users do within this part of the site?

The Torch Theatre

The Torch Theatre is another company in Wales and is linked to the National Theatre in Wales. The site is here:
Examine this site and answer the following questions:
  1. Describe the steps in booking seats for a production.For some of the steps, you will be taken to another URL. Explain why this may be the case for each different URL you are taken to.
  2. What features does the website have to encourage/build a community for customers/theatre goers.
  3. Try using different browsers: Chrome, Safari and mobile devices to see how the website is loaded. Can you easily book seats on a mobile device? Are any plug-ins required to run any parts of the site, for example, audio or video files.